Equity Release

At Platinum our aim is to make things simple and easy for our customers. We recognise that most people have a good idea of what they require, even if they are not fully conversant with the finer details. Our focus is to give them the information they need and want without trying to discuss other issues or provide details that are not relevant. For this reason, we build product specific websites that focus entirely on the business the customer has in mind.

Equity Release is one of a few products in the UK where the regulator has made it compulsory for someone to be advised. While some may feel that this is unnecessary, the regulation is there to ensure you and your family are protected. While it is of course possible to leave an Equity Release arrangement, the very nature of the product, means it is unlikely. Equity Release is aimed at people near or at retirement who need to access the value of their property because they don’t have access to easily available cash. If you are in a position where you could repay an Equity Release loan if you wanted to then, most probably, Equity Release is not for you.

Our website Best Equity Release is packed full of information about Equity Release, how it works and some of the reasons why people use it. It also discusses the guarantees you would expect should you enter into an Equity Release arrangement as well as any risks that you or the family you leave behind could face.  Perhaps best of all it has a fully functional calculator where you can get as many quotes as you like. These quotes give a full indication of cost and shows how the interest on the loan can accumulate. Most importantly you can obtain and print these quotes without giving us any personal information at all and without any obligation whatsoever – that’s the Platinum way !

Equity Release is a way of converting the value of your property into immediate cash. You get to live in the property for the rest of your life (or the last of you gets taken into care), you don’t have to make any repayments at all, the debt is repaid when you die or get taken into care, this is either by selling the property (the most likely outcome) of your family redeeming the loan. If when the property is sold the value of the debt is more than the value of your home, it is the Equity Release company who will pick up the bill for the difference.

Now we have explained what Equity Release is lets look at some of the reasons people may use it :

To boost income in retirement

To make home improvements, pay for a holiday of a lifetime, or other one-off expenses

To repay an interest only mortgage

To pay for medical expenses

To enjoy with their family while still alive

In the case of people with no children, to have the best possible lifestyle and security


There is a debate about whether Equity Release is a useful way to reduce inheritance tax liabilities, but our view is that this is far from certain, unless you are planning to die any time soon – we hope not.

While the list above may seem attractive all of the options do come at a price, the most obvious one being that the family you leave behind will lose part or all of their anticipated inheritance and may not be able to have your home for themselves. It is therefore vital that you ensure that you receive appropriate advice and follow some simple rules to ensure you and your family are best protected. Our fully qualified Equity Release advisers can help you through this process in a way that keeps you informed, gives you full options on the available deals and leaves you in charge of the final decision.

If you need help with Equity Release please visit our website or call us on 020 33 55 4837


Best Equity Release

If you are looking for an equity release quote then try our calculator below for yourself. The figures are approximate and are intended to give you an indication of what you could borrow. If you want you can follow the link through to our equity release website and get a far more detailed quote with estimated costs that you can print and keep.