Life Insurance with Ulcerative Colitis

by Bob Cook

What on earth could Ulcerative Colitis (or any pre-existing medical condition) have to do with being able to secure your home for your family?

We pick up many unusual cases. In this particular situation the customers delight at being able to purchase their own home, was deflated when they suddenly realised that as they suffered from Ulcerative Colitis their applications for life insurance were being declined. This meant that should they die before the mortgage is repaid, then the entire responsibility of maintaining of paying for the mortgage and therefore securing the home for themselves and their children falls on the surviving partner. If they cannot maintain the payments and pay off the mortgage they will lose their home.

The reasons insurers treat this condition with care is that the condition in incurable. People who suffer with the can suffer very mild symptoms, while severe cases could result in surgery and the possibility of a stoma. The symptoms can disappear for years and then comeback with a vengeance. Ulcerative colitis is thought to be what is known as an autoimmune condition. This means the immune system – the body’s defence against infection – goes wrong in some way and attacks healthy tissue. For this reason it is not possible to simply go on line to a price comparison website and walk away covered 5 minutes later.  In every instance your application will need to be personally assessed by an underwriter and further tests may be required.

While naturally concerned about their inability to obtain life cover, they were also concerned about the number of declines they were receiving as they need to declare these declines when applying to other insurers.

It could be tempting to apply to another insurer, but not telling them about the last decline and the reason for it is a sure way to get declined again. If you don’t tell, the adverse medical information will come up in a medical report anyway. The report doesn’t indicate if you were declined or not, but it does flag the medical issue that is causing your applications to be refused. If you me up front about the decline and the reason there is a good chance we can successfully shop it and get an approval. Never, ever lie.

While it is possible to obtain life cover for somebody with Ulcerative Colitis, it is important to know which insurer to use.  The team at are well placed to help you. Furthermore no application is made until an underwriter has indicated they are likely to accept you.

The team will work with you and present your case to underwriters who will give us an indication of how they are likely to treat your case. None of this counts as an application for Life Insurance.

The information our team will require from you is as follows :

The exact diagnosis : Crohn’s disease is very similar to Ulcerative Colitis

When you were diagnosed : We don’t need the exact date but most people can indicate a month and year.

If you have received surgery : If you have we need to know what surgery and when.

What current treatment you are receiving : This will include names and dosages of any medication.

If any other treatment or surgery is planned :

If you have ever been admitted to hospital with acute attacks : if so how often and when

If you have regular colonoscopy screening : if so how frequent are these screenings.

How often do you have ‘flare up’s during the year : The length of the ‘flare up’ is helpful as well as the  gaps between. Do you have symptoms between the ‘flare ups’

Have you ever had liver disease : Was it associated to Crohn’s or Colitis

Are you are to work full time and can you lead a ‘normal’ life :  If your condition has an impact on either of these, please let us know.


The good news is that we are able to help you and we have been very successful in helping people with Ulcerative Colitis get life cover. Unfortunately Critical Illness cover tends not to be available.

We don’t charge you any supplementary fees or charges for undertaking these investigations for you. You will only pay the premium requested by the insurer.

If you suffer from Ulcerative Colitis and are looking for life cover call us on 020 33 55 4831